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The B Method: from Research to Teaching

The B Method: from Research to Teaching
16 June 2008

Call for Papers

In 2008 the University of Nantes will be holding
an extensive series of no less than 22 one-day
conferences in a wide range of subjects from science
and technology, biology and health, and human
and social sciences. These will all take
place at the impressive large modern purpose-built
venue of the "Cite International
des Congress" in the centre of Nantes,
and are expected to attract up to
1250 participants altogether. Within such
a context the above one-day conference on the
B Method will be held on 16 June 2008.

Topics of interest will include
(but will not be restricted to):

* Tool support for software engineering with the B method,

* Teaching environments for the B method,

* The B method in the software engineering

* Combining the B method with other approaches,

* Case studies and exercises featuring
the B method,

* Use of the B method in disciplines other
than software engineering,

* New advances in the B method and their
incorporation into the
teaching curriculum.

3 April 2008

1 May 2008

Program Committee
Henri Habrias, Universite de Nantes, France [chair]
Rueda Camilo, Universidad Javeriana-Cali,
Cali, Colombia
Steve Dunne, University of Teesside, UK
Michael Leuschel, Heinrich-Heine-Universität
Düsseldorf, Germany
Mike Poppleton, University of Southampton, UK
Dominique Mery, Loria, Nancy, France
Ken Robinson, University of New South
Wales, Australia
Emil Sekerinski, McMaster University,
Elena Troubitsyna, Åbo Akademi University,
Mark Utting, University of Waïkato,
New Zealand
Guy Vidal-Naquet, Supelec, Gif-sur Yvette,
Istenes Zoltán, Budapest, Hungaria

Christian Attiogbé, Pascal André,
Gilles Ardourel, Henri Habrias

It is expected that revised copies of
accepted papers will be published in
Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science
(ENTCS), Elsevier Science

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